The Ayeyarwady River is on the list of the world’s polluted rivers, at number nine

The Ayeyarwady River is on the list of the world’s most polluted rivers, ranking ninth. The study was conducted by the Myanmar Buddhist Society and the International Wildlife and Plant Conservation Society (FFI), which conducted a survey of the Irrawaddy River from December 2017 to June 2017.

Researchers in Thantaw Myanmar say that as much as eight percent of plastic pollution comes from the river in Myanmar, research on the cause of plastic pollution in the oceans of Myanmar. In 2013 international polls showed that plastic pollution in the oceans was due to plastic, which is the source of the most polluted river in the ocean.

The residents who live along the Irrawaddy River Irrawaddy River in plastic garbage nearly 119 tons daily forsaken world  unsettled about the environment, including being involved in the Ayeyawady river pollution clean the research group said. Researcher Friedor Jeske is the most polluted rivers in Asia, the first is the most polluted river in Chinese The Yangtze River, The second is the Indian Ganges River.

The population of these rivers is almost 500 million. Plastic garbage dumped in a ditch in Yangon. ‘These men dumped their waste into the river,’ The waste is being carried by the river and flowing into the sea. ‘ The plastic waste in the Irrawaddy River is plastic; Soft Can Plastic bags, etc. Research on plastic pollution in the Irrawaddy River No, not at all. Mother, Yangon and FFI also studied in the delta region, such as Yangon.

In addition, the private group’s study is the most polluted, second only to the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar, Yangon said. Reduce the problem of plastic forsaken, with a per capita daily consumption of plastics in a clean plastic reduction and education, including working around a year now. People are even less so after the use of plastic materials and the consequences would notice, he said.