In the Hong Kong election, the People’s Democracy won a massive victory in the democratic opposition

In Hong Kong, elections were held in Hong Kong on November 24 for 18 district councils.The election was to elect 452 district councilors. Opposition candidates also went to the polls and the public voiced their displeasure with the government.

But Hong Kong’s governors and the Chinese central government have said that voters will no longer trust the pro-democracy movement and will only vote for Chinese-favored candidates.Pro-democracy activist Joshua Shiva Won cast his ballot at 7:30 am local time shortly after the polls opened. The results are expected to be released at midnight on November 24.

The Hong Kong government and China are confident that they will have a silent majority and that the election will show its support. But Beijing is clearly losing their vote, not seeing the forces they hope for. The controversial Beijing-based senator Yusuf-ho says: “The earth and heaven have returned.”

In Hong Kong, district officials have little regard for state power, and most deal with issues such as public transit and garbage disposal.This is not an interesting change for the district so far. But the Hong Kong people have shown their opposition to the administration’s road to democracy, with opposition parties winning a huge victory in Hong Kong’s district elections.

Democratic candidates have won 278 seats, while Beijing supports 42. There are concerns that the instability has begun and that the election will be postponed and canceled.In Hong Kong, instability, unrest The election, which has been following protests and clashes, is also seen as a test of the government’s support.