Sweden is reducing its use of ID card chips in the skin

Beginning in late spring of 2018, Swedish people have put computer chips in their finger and thumb. These chips can be used as keys, car keys, House key Credit Card These are things that can be used in place of everything, such as a debit card. There were only about 100 people who made the chip last year, but this year it has grown to 4,000. So what do these cards look like? What can I do?

1- Key House key Credit Card You can replace anything like a debit card. 2-The size of the plate is only about one grain of rice. 3-The cost is almost $ 180 and some companies offer free installation.

4: This tablet does not have GPS, so it is not possible to track people. 5-Because the chips work only in the vicinity of the carrier, it is impossible to steal information from another location.

It also shows a video on how to put a computer chip in your hand. You don’t have to draw a single drop of blood, but only feel pain in the ear. Some people think that these chips will soon have GPS. Companies can use these chips to monitor their employees.

It is not wrong to incorporate chips into the meat. Whenever you go, you don’t have to hold the keys with your car keys. Some might read this post as doing something impossible. But no one knows for sure what the next five years will be.