6 Foods That May Be The Fastest And Fastest Cancer Diet In Myanmar

The foods they eat while they are rich in nutrients can also have side effects. For example, we like to throw rocks at the Irrawaddy, which Myanmar people enjoy. It is packed with soda, thus causing aluminum. These amino acids affect brain cells. It can be fatal and cause memory loss and its effects on the human body.

It causes it. It helps you grow old before it’s old. It contains alumina. Breastfeeding is just milk. Therefore, they often sell milk and milk to foreign countries. It is one of the most popular foods in the world. Pickled carrots Pickled mustard Many types of fermented foods such as salmon and oats are associated with colon cancer. Stomach cancer.

Contains the substance that causes it. The key to eliminating this fermentation is a vitamin-rich diet like kiwifruit.At a time like today, cancer rates are on the rise. I’m very careful. It’s especially important to be careful about diet, especially for cancer. However, among the most commonly consumed foods in Myanmar, light meals are a major cause of cancer.

(6) Ready-made canned goods

The main reason is that the container, not because of the food in the container, is made up of chemicals like BPA which are quite dangerous. It is also known as a hormone suppressant, and it can greatly stimulate diseases such as cancer. So when buying cans, you should only buy BPA-free cans.

(5) Soda drinks

So whether you drink this big or not, Whether it’s too much to drink or ready to drink is both risky. For example, an overdose of cold-blooded cocaine is a daily favorite of cancer cells. Coffee is ready too.

(4) fried

Foods that are cooked in a variety of foods are ready to buy cancer. Chilli fry contains a large amount of cancer-promoting chemicals called lizards, which are found in foods that are cooked at high temperatures. Especially when it comes to frying.

(3) Roast meat

Whether you are not successful or not When you eat meat that is roasted or cooked before eating, it is usually high in nitrates and nitrates. The person who eats will have a higher chance of getting cancer. Researchers have confirmed that South Korea is among the highest recorded cases of cancer.

(2) popcorn

On-site microwave ovens and outgrowths are leading to cancer. Naturally, the seeds are nourished, but in a variety of ways, the flavors in the cinemas are directed to the cancer and to the cancer. It is a badge that should not be eaten.

(1) Drugs

Alcohol is one of the most harmful and most damaging substances in the body. Smile Throat Uh oh! Kidneys Liver It helps to reduce the risk of cancer anywhere in the heart. It is not bad for their mother to suffer from the effects of drugs while pregnant, but it is also bad for them.