Medical Scientists have found that overdose can shorten life

Though it was not known that over-thinking may shorten life, sleep apnea may be less severe. But you know it better than having a headache. Those who have long thought about an issue needless, If you have too much brain activity at work, you might be able to understand that feeling. So I think about it. Let’s take a look at how the thought of unnecessary openness is related to your age.

According to Fox 10 Phoenix, scientists in New York have discovered that thinking unnecessarily can have side effects for the body.

According to an article by scientists, the proteins called “rest” in the brain are different from one another. Researchers also discovered that these “rest” proteins have the potential to provide support for brain activity. Researchers are continuing to study how the effects of “rest” may be more or less limited.

They started the survey and the study, which produced the most exacting and most accurate results. Scientists have found that if the amount of protein “rest” in the brain is low, it can shorten life. In other words, when compared to the “rest” of 100-year-olds who could be thought to be living with the brain of those who died in their 60s or 70s, the “rest” protein was more than anyone else.

Because this “rest” protein is a protein that relaxes the brain and leaves the brain thinking about it, it is not easy to make the protein work because it is constantly working on the brain. Therefore, studies have shown that only people who give them a rest and relaxation can live longer.

This article was recently featured in the Harvard Medical School article “Nature”.