Sayadaw Buddha’s speech for those who say that no government is up and running

For those who claim that any government is up and running, it is a great way to make your readers know what your readers are saying.

The Buddha said: “You must represent yourself. There are also people who do not have to vote. It seems like it is true, but when it comes to deciding what to represent, you must do it. There are two types of eating and eating. So it’s important to be comfortable in the workplace to get the benefits you need.

To make these things easier, the system is good. We need a good government. The farmer has to represent himself, but he cannot do it if the farmland he confiscates. If you plow your land, you will still be sued, and employees may have to travel far from home and work on the road and spend time on the road.

If the infrastructure is poor, working hard can be difficult. It is true that you must eat. But because of a bad system, it does not benefit as much as it does. Wasting unnecessary time; Emotion The loss of human life has been caused. It is true that we must act on our behalf. But the government is not good.

If the system is bad, the wages will not be paid properly. The same job costs the same amount of work to the family and the family. Many of them have to leave their own land and work abroad. That’s why it’s good for the government. It is important to have a good system. If you don’t, you will fail the exam.

But the education you teach You need to improve your standard of writing. So is health. Also, when you are doing your work, you also need to focus on the quality of the foods you are representing. To be safe; It is important to be healthy, so it is important to appoint a good government.

One citizen Each and every organization has its own system. We have to learn how to do good government and vote for the right organization. So vote for yourself. I would also like to encourage people around you to vote.