A study found that wearing a boy’s clothes can reduce stress and make you happier

There is some good news for girls (without the FA: P), but this is only for lovers or husbands. If you’re feeling stressed out for a girl with a boyfriend, try on your boyfriend’s clothes. A study has found that wearing a boyfriend’s clothes can reduce stress and make it more fun. Scientists have found that.

Researchers from the University of British Columbia We found that wearing a girl’s clothing can greatly contribute to a healthy and happy life. Researchers allowed 96 women to wear three different T-shirts. The T-shirts worn by the women were the same. Other T-Shirts, Neutral T-Shirts (boyfriend and stranger).

By then, after 24 hours of wearing the fragrance of a lover, women’s levels of cholesterol had significantly decreased, and stress and depression had subsided. When wearing a T-shirt, the level of cholesterol rose significantly. If men are like this,

No, not at all. When men were asked to put on his beloved’s T-shirt, they were no happier than women. Researchers have found that this may be due to the fact that women are more sensitive to men (men are less sensitive to women than women). Therefore, it may be that the men are less likely to feel stress when they see their lover’s clothing.

When women live with their loved one, they also produce an oxytocin (happy hormone). The amount of hormones that come out is how happy she is in that relationship. Depends on how satisfied you are. It also affects her mood when she smells the scent of her lover. According to one study, children often hear Happy Hormone when their children hear their mother’s voice.