Two foreign expatriates who give up their life as a fortune teller and take refuge in a Buddhist monastery

This time, with the success of the country and the success of the adventurer. There are two people who have chosen to live in peace and tranquility in a peaceful Buddhist life. They are both very close friends and are looking for true peace.

Although they were killed in the struggle for life, the masters of the grammar as well as the peace-loving masters could not be mistaken for their wealth and wealth, and they remained in Thailand, where the Buddhist literature was still growing. He traveled to countries such as Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka and studied Buddhist literature for 15 years.

At present, both monks are working on the bamboo monastery in a wooded barn in the Himalayan grove without any means. The only thing we can do about it is that it is not a problem.

Everyone has an addiction, Ego Pride! Greed They often spend their time drunk and inebriated, thinking that they are immovable, and that even the five enemies are not afraid. The Buddha’s sacrifice was a noble truth, but it was really something, something. Losing someone is not easy for the average person.

In this world that I live in, like many people living in Zuzaka, I want to get free things like Zuzana. There are also people who are always trying to get the better of others. It is also important to discover the serenity of the world while you are living in uncertain life, whether today or tomorrow, in the uncertain life.