Did you know that Independence father General Aung San had a fourth daughter?

September 1946 It was the 29th day. The sky in Yangon is clear, clear and clear from the clouds. After the jeep, following the flag of the road, following the path of the jeep, the green khaki uniforms of the army uniform, Phyphi Phi Thi Thi. He saw a young man with a bald head and a well-mannered eye and a well-developed woman. The military uniform was no other. Chairman of the FAPF Federation; It was General Aung San’s army.

Earlier in the day, he arrived in the capital, accompanied by his warm-hearted Minister of Defense and Foreign Minister Aung San, as his wife Khin Kyi. I didn’t say a word the whole way. When the tired general came to the front of the flagpole (automobile), he approached me and spoke in English. Daw Khin Kyi did not say anything. I asked. (I am not happy in office) “Being in the government and taking office, I am not happy.””Why, General?”

“I don’t know why. We have never imagined that we would be in the government of a political party. Now, I was unexpectedly taken over by the government, and I didn’t know why. I’m not happy. I didn’t say anything, I just kept driving. In fact, the question is, why not enjoy it? Just because they didn’t say it.

1946 .. September. Sunday, December 22, 25 Households in Tavalin will be remembered forever. It was because of the love of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the fourth child of a second granddaughter, the birth of her second cousin, Khin Kyi, president of the SPF.

The leader of the AFPFL leader, Aung San, is thrilled to hear the good news that he is now in the twelfth month on the eve of his wedding. His two eldest children are single. The third child was a girl. Looking at his two young sons who were running around playing, the gaggle of generals sometimes fell in love with his daughter.

But now one of her daughters is back. Shortly afterward, he said, “Dad is back,” and every time he came back from the office, he said, “Dad is back.” With a sweet baby girl with a sweet smile. Imagine dreaming for your fiancée. Father Aung San Oo’s father, Aung San Suu Kyi, father of Aung San Suu Kyi, Aung San’s mind was comforted.

But his fate destroys his hope building. It was destroyed. On the 26th of September (the day he was sworn in as the Minister of the General), the eldest daughter of the General went to die in honor of his father for five days. When a Chin leader heard of the news, he went to sleep.

“Well … I’m confused about having four children during my five-year marriage. But after I got it, I didn’t want to kill the baby … very much. ” His love for the father in his body, which is so busy with politics, explodes. Just look at her … On Sunday she got a medal and, on Thursday, she joined the Cabinet and sworn in as Minister.

The same fate on Thursday as the loss of his youngest daughter was ridiculed and ridiculed. Where is the cabinet minister who lost many valuable items such as cars, radios, telephones etc. Where can the happy generals lose their priceless treasure? That’s why, ‘I don’t know why I joined the government. I’m not happy! ”I thought that must be one of the reasons mentioned above.