Photos of real-life North Koreans who have been secretly documented. ”

Read more “Life in the Secret of North Korea in the Secret World” North Korea is one of the world’s most repressive dictatorships.

The country’s leaders focus not only on nuclear assets and the production of new weapons, but also for the betterment of people’s lives. The rules and regulations of the people are strictly controlled.

Immigrants also have no right to freely record their internal affairs. Here are just a few pictures of the North Koreans who have been banned by the North Korean government, and the lives of the citizens are very small.

1. A woman among soldiers

This is a photo that is legally forbidden to be taken – this is a picture taken and taken of a woman in the middle of a soldier. It is unknown what the woman is doing.

2. A rare computer image in North Korea

In North Korea, not everyone has the right to own a computer. Even if you have the money, not everyone can afford to buy it. They have computers in their homes, and the photographer was happy to record it, but the difficulty was they didn’t get electricity. They said they were not allowed to take photos.

3. Soldiers assisting in the field work

North Korea’s army is a powerful army with advanced weapons. However, when you visit North Korea, young soldiers are employed in the workforce, much like farming. Capturing them is also illegal.

4. The man who is digging grass

In many parts of North Korea, such grass is found. North Koreans say they eat the grass. This is also an illegal photo.

5. Baby’s not following the rules

A car was running in the wrong direction, and a North Korean boy was standing in the middle of the road. After taking the photo, he was told to delete it. No such pictures are allowed.

6. Clothing style

Dressing in North Korea is very important, and in the center of the city you will find a man who is not dressed well.

No, not at all. When the photographer tries to record a crowd dancing, it’s not fair

It is the restoration of the old clothes. No dress is allowed without proper dress.

7. Kids playing on the street

North Korea has built a wide variety of highways, but its traffic is low. Broad streets were a playground for children. When they come to the car, they give up and then play around when the car disappears. They are not allowed to take photos.

8. North train

North Korea also uses the subway for transit, double down the North

There is one of the deepest subway systems in the world, and they were told to delete it after it was taken.

The main reason is that the photo contains the tunnel.

9. The painting

The photographer recorded a painting by a North Korean artist.

He told me to delete it and told him to take a picture after it was finished, and that it was impossible to finish the painting before the whole painting was finished.

10. Mark McCormick

This is a totally dangerous photo. The North Korean government strictly forbids their citizenship to outsiders. The photographer quickly snapped the photo in five seconds. It is not easy for a photographer to see someone. This is also an image that is completely banned by North Korea.