The trial at ICJ will bring globalization to the real world and address issues of national interest and interests.

The Gambia has filed a lawsuit against the International Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in the International Criminal Court (ICJ) over the issue of displaced people in Rakhine State. The case will be led by State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi himself. A special task force has been set up on November 26 to work on international criminal justice.

The Union Attorney General’s Office will be led by the Union Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The President’s Office said it was made up of lawyers from the Union Attorney General’s Office and the Office of the Attorney General’s Office. It was a pleasure.

The Foreign Ministry has reported that the prosecution will try to make the case as international as possible, and that the government should take into account any country, nation or state. People of any nationality No matter what religion you belong to. It can be direct or indirect to any group or group. Or directly or indirectly; Attacks; “We will not be complacent,” the statement said.

This is a national issue. “The unity of the people as a matter of national interest will bring great power to the country,” the statement said.