Cold, nausea, and cold Natural remedies for nose and throat pain

Many people have experienced a sore throat. Pain in throat Itching Scarring Sneezing. If there is a fever, it is considered a sore throat. When the throat is sore, It is painful to swallow any soft food. They are afraid to swallow.

Symptoms of pain around the throat are the main symptom of sore throat, but dryness around the throat and throat. White spots near the fruit; The sound is red; Vomiting is a symptom that causes sore throat. Sore throat is of any age. It can occur in both sexes, but not in children. Smokers! People with allergies and people with immunity are more at risk.

Causes of sore throat

There are many causes of sore throat. Virus Bacteria, sore throat, and environmental conditions. Causes of sore throat Allergies There are many other causes that can cause sore throat, such as a sore throat.

Winter fever; Natural remedies for nose and throat pain

If you want to get sick, the first thing you notice is a runny nose or a rash. It can be caused by a runny nose or a sore throat. Nasal spray Nausea and sore throat are commonplace, but it works. I can’t focus on school or school.

Therefore, it can be used as a natural remedy for nausea and vomiting. I would like to share a way that can easily eliminate nose and throat pain.


Lemon juice – 1 tablespoon of tea

Wooden bark – slightly white

Grilled ginger – half a teaspoon

Honey – half a teaspoon

Apple Juice – Half a teaspoon

Turmeric – One fourth of the tea

How to do it

You can mix and drink in a glass of hot glass.

Health Benefits

Honey and cinnamon bark are good for bacteria and bacteria. It protects against fungi and viruses and enhances the immune system.