OIC-funded Saudi Arabia donates 92.5 million dollor to Myanmar in ICJ suit

OIC says it welcomes prosecution in Myanmar

Saudi Arabia, a leading member of the Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC), has been sued in Myanmar by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), according to official reports.

Gambia plans to host the OIC Conference in 2022, and the OIC-led Saudi Arabian Fund for Development (SFD) has provided US 92.5 million for the infrastructure and construction work ahead of the conference.

200 million in 32 years

The Saudi Funding Round was held in Saudi Arabia on March 17, 2019, with the Vice President of the Saudi Fund and Managing Director Dr. Khalid S. Alkhudairy and Gambia’s chief financial officer, Mamboury Njie, have signed on behalf of Saudi Arabia and the Gambia, and President of Gambia President Edmund Baird. The $ 92.5 million grant from the Saudi Fund (SFD) is in four parts: two loans and two grants. According to Khalid S. Alkhudairy. Gambia has been a member of the SFD for 32 years, and during this period, Gambia’s health, health and well-being has been met. According to Gambia’s finance minister, Mamboury Njie has provided US $ 200 million in needs, including education and construction.

2022 OIC Conference and Gambia Responsibility

Along with the subsidy, Gambia also has to build a 50-kilometer road linking the area to the OIC Conference, building electricity towers and accessing electricity, accessing water, water and electricity. Requirements for medical treatment must be made. Banjul International Airport also includes the construction of an extremely good VVIP building.

South Africa’s largest country

The Gambia country, located in the west of Africa, has an area of ​​just 4,127 square miles, the smallest country in Africa, ranking 159th in the world. Almost all of Gambia’s country is bordered by Senegal, with a population of just over two million, but with OIC as a member of the OIC, they have been sued by the OIC for the benefit of the Muslim and Bangladeshi Muslim countries.

Bangladeshi OIC Talks and Protests in Bangladesh

Gambia is also a member of the OIC, as is Bangladesh, and on May 5 and 6, 2018, the OIC foreign ministers’ meeting was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Ad Hoc Ministerial Committee was formed.

The purpose of the Ad Hoc Ministerial Committee is to sue Myanmar at the ICJ, led by Gambia, the chair of The Ad Hoc Ministerial Committee.

17 March 2019 led by the OIC countries, such as Saudi Arabian Gambia Saudi Fund provides $ 92 .5 million and sent on 31 May 2019 after the Saudi Arabian city of Mecca for the 14th Session of the Islamic Conference, the country was set to be addicted to the ICJ decision in Gambia on 11 November 2019 in the ICJ All statins have been sued.

OIC welcomes Myanmar democratization

The Netherlands “is pleased to file a lawsuit against Gambia on behalf of the OIC on the ICJ in Heath”, the OIC reported on their website.

Returned. The OIC, which has always been a representative of the United Nations and the European Union, is the official language of Arabic, English, and French. The French language was released and the ICJ welcomed the first round of hearings in Myanmar at the ICJ.