China and Russia lead US-led electromagnetic pulse military program

The report, released by the Secret Service, states that the United States is at risk of being hit by electromagnetic pulse weapons in the United States.

In the future, China, China The Lord North Korea and Iran are preparing to attack the United States with an electromagnetic field that causes the United States to break free from the sound of an EMP, the report said.

The EMP is a type of radiation that does not cause any explosions. There was no violent shock. No damage is done to the enemy without any damage. It is a weapon that will no longer produce electronic devices in areas where radiation is the key to life in the country.

The US and the United States are concerned about this EMP weapon Some countries, such as Russia and India, have been successfully tested but have not seen any real use. Not yet

The report, released by the Senate Committee on Assessing Threats to the United States on October 23, said that China, China and China are the only two countries in the world. The four countries, including Russia, are preparing to launch an EMP assault on the United States, causing the United States to suffer as a result.

According to a report, the United States is trying to install critical infrastructure to prevent electromagnetic radiation.

US State Department National infrastructures face the threat of joint armed forces. Cyber ​​attacks; “We are facing threats such as EMP attacks.”

Competitors with nuclear weapons, including North Korea, have been in the spotlight for the past decade and are threatening to launch the US EMP attack, the report said.