About a war that was based on one against the other

In fact, the fighting along the Ayeyarwady River, which occurred in the early part of the 16th century, is unreasonable. Most of all, wars are based on pride. The first incident was the battle between Hanthawaddy and Inwa.

It was his son Nanda who inherited the Hanthawaddy Empire when he was a monarch. At that time the size of the Hanthawaddy Empire was about one and a half million square kilometers. In Southeast Asia, it was only possible to build a monarchy. After he inherited the Hanthawaddy Empire, his great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great son was King Mahatha. Nanda was the father of three sons, one of whom was the emperor. You are so awesome! And late. The Nanda king gave his eldest son, the daughter of the goddess of Innwa, to the throne.

In fact, the king was not a lover of the goddess. It was a chemical trap in his chest. It is not wrong to start with the problem from the beginning. Your marriage to your goddess is not good because you love the chemistry. One day, the king pushed through the queen and hurt her mother, and she was injured. The relationship between Hantharwaddy and Inwa was reinforced by the Buddha’s mother reporting to Thant Min Min Saw.

Squared cousins

Nor’s father Thaksin Min Saw, who is the father of the goddess, could not be said to be another. He was the youngest brother of the late king, and he was a nephew to Nanda, the son of the late king. And then She was married to a two-year-old relative. The inconvenience of this situation, Understanding is something that needs to be done peacefully. But the only reason they both ignored these conditions and the only reason they got on the war path is that there is no more important reason than “pride”. In fact, King Inya Min Saw Saw also saw Nanda as a baby boy growing up in his arms, and he could not start shrinking. In the same way, if he had been loyal to the king of Nanda, he would have been imperialist and Thaksin Saw was the only governor. This pride put them on a course of battle.

A futile war

When war broke out, the wreckage and nosebleeds came up. In fact, the Inner King lost during the war, and he seems to have won. The king was defeated by Nanda. The defeat of the Nandar king was exacerbated by the devastation of many nations. The war was taken by the Yemeni to profit. The king was not pleased with this. Five times he went to war against the Reagan regime to invade his country. As a result of these wars, the monarchy was lost in front of the monarchy and much of the country was lost. When the power was diminished, the colorful insurgency eventually erupted, and finally the Hattawady Empire, which had been historically the largest in history, lost land just 18 years after the reign of Nanda.

Only if pride can be removed

In fact, pride does not always bring about the good of a person. True competitions are required, but dealing with those who are not in the right place is bad for the environment and not good for yourself. Therefore, we do not know the consequences of the enmity and the consequences of the enmity. We need to deal with our emotions. That is the way of life. You will be able to build a comfortable lifestyle. The history of Myanmar in the early 16th century is full of memoirs. It is the responsibility of the present human beings to take up the historical context and create the ideal conditions of the present day.