The most valuable and valuable shorts in Myanmar medicine

1. If you want to lower the blood pressure, soak a lemon for 15 minutes, squeeze in the juice and add one egg to the mixture. It works without the use of high blood pressure medication.

2. If you want to get rid of the heat cysts on the lower lip and under the thighs, apply a lotion. It can be cured three times by applying a lotion.

3. If it is insomnia, boil the Donut River and add a little sugar and drink. One drink at a time, drink one at a time. night , Have breakfast. It will alleviate the pain of insomnia.

4. In case of dermatitis, dry the ketchup powder and drink it with honey. It will heal for days.

5. If women suffer from epilepsy, eat the leaves often. Also, add a dash of salt. Mix two handfuls of cinnamon powder together with butter, about two o’clock in the morning; Have dinner. Healings.

6 If the gum rash is present, boil the mackerel and rub it. It is soothing. It is also very effective when it comes to adding a lot of powder to the foot.

7 If there is anemia, boil the rice and grind it in the fire. It is soothing.

8 If the wind blows, put the flower buds in hot water and make some tea. It helps to heal.

9 If nausea is present, it can be cured of blood by eating blood in the river.

10 If urinary tract stones are used, bloody turmeric and two teaspoons of lemon juice and tea. It does not consume three times.

11 If the red kernel is frozen, the five-gallon jade flower, the root and the bone, is boiled in water, and in the morning; Drink two cups at night. It also helps to heal.

12 If you have insomnia, drink a tablespoon of honey with tea every night. It can help you sleep well.

13 During menopause, dizziness occurs. Then mix it with avocado. It is soothing.

14 If you have a severe cough, treat peanuts with honey and soothe them.

15 If the bite is taken, apply the kerosene to the bloodstream and the site of the blood poisoning. Immediate relief

16 If hair loss, apply a towel and wash it with shampoo and no hair loss.

17 If the tumor has sprouted, wrap the five salmon into the tumor and wrap it around the tumor. Healings.

18 When rubbed on your knees, apply a mixture of white incense and ginger.

It will recover as you take it.