Tips for Knowing Your Car Buyers

1. The car should be well-lighted and comfortable in the shade and avoid the sun’s heat. The heat may be too high, so the car can be left unchecked. Don’t forget to watch the car in the evenings and in the evening to save yourself the heat.

2. When you find the car, pull out the seat belt and write the exact year of the product. Don’t forget to cut the card and see if you can see how old the car’s mouth is.

3. Once the car has been activated, turn the ignition switch on, while the engine noise can be heard as loud and loud as the air is cool.

4. First of all, check that the wheel tax number with the Wheel Tax has the same number as the vehicle. The car chassis positioned on the car should be clean. If the cut-off is over, the car will die.

5. Then, the front and rear lights of the car are checked. The light bulbs are the same. Must have the lanterns. The car should not be contaminated.

6 Car wheels must be as clean as possible and clean, but should be neat.

7 Most importantly, the frame in the bottom of the car and the engine compartment should be clean. Most of them have to be in regular color, if they are repainted. There’s always something that can be taken for granted, but it’s a good idea to ask for a good car if it’s a good car or not.

8 The most important part of the car that people go unnoticed is the fact that the car underneath the back cover to look beneath the car’s undercarriage is not too good to remember.

9 To check for the correct kilograms, keep in mind that it is roughly the age of the car seat and the seat belt. The kilograms are all tired. But some Japanese cars have also seen the Japanese owner end up with 30,000 kilograms.

10 Some will ask how to get a car breakdown in Japan, after all reconditioning is not possible, because the car has been replaced with a new one, so the car buyers really value it.

11 Why not have fourteen true cars in the car? Most would ask? What’s the point of buying a car in Japan in the country where the price of a car is about fourteen thousand and fifty real kyat? So no one can buy a good car, so no good car is sold. Only if the real riders don’t like their kilos, don’t think any more.

12 Burma, the color bar is favorite to top the highest price between black and white and then color  called golden color and then called off the bright blue color, even bright red color, you make love to master lah did not note the same for each color  Although treated roughly, colors and prices, from 10 million kyats to time, some of them even lose color Silver 99 Surf The 99 Prado You can design and silver color are good, but I’d say do not and can not be broken

13 One thing that easily drives people to buy a car is that it requires four wheels for the person who needs the 2WD / 4 WD, but for most people, the four wheels can be heated without removing the fuel. Also, think about how hard it is to sell, and it is hard to use four-wheel drive (with no road) for four-wheel drive, but it is not necessary, so consider this one as a bargain for 2WD / 4 WD two-wheel drive vehicles for as low as $ 20.

14 If you check the car, you can leave the room behind. Also check if the car is used or whether the car is clean or not.

15 If you have checked your car, you have to test it, but the last step is that you do not have the cash machine and you do not have the cash machine.

16 If you have a variety of options available, you can either buy or sell at a dealer’s home.