Why is it banned for motorcycles in Yangon, Myanmar’s capital city?

A few days ago, a Rangoon-based journalist visited the dvb news agency to request a reinstatement of his motorbike in the country.There has been no official announcement of motorbike closure in Yangon

But we do know. I was a motor cycle crazy when I was younger.In 1984/85, the six-and-a-half-mile (6 mile) Red Mile history of the motorcycle was my buddy, yes, I was the youngest of them, they were four and five years older than me.

One day when the boarders were perfect, he said, “If you want to ride my motorcycle, please show me a light pole. When I was quiet, he pushed and thought he was too small to push.The handlebar type is not an easy rider but I am in the next category of handles called the sport type

In the Scott Market (Bogyoke Market), they buy and sell motorbikes on the opposite side of the mountain.Like an actual Gun Star up to the middle of the back of the hair. Phil always taking my jacket always wear jeans wearing boots are always the same after his left leg Cropped ribs 3 with a broken stick..

It was cracked because of motorcycles in Yangon alone. If the petitioners was no knowledge of the world motorcycle champion who was rampant because the barn He is both jumping easyrider both sets.The man got up and his motorbike was rubbing against the karaoke road and the flames were coming out. He stood and watched.

Around 91, our boarders returned from the RC-2 Hlaing University, and one of the boarders, who had been riding together near the corner of Sanchaung near Pyinmana, stopped at Ko Ko Gyi.It was: I was getting drunk, got angry and jumped over, and threw a Yamaha DT in my eyes. It was a long way off, both on motorbikes and on motorbikes.

And then a friend of mine who had just passed out came back and brought his motorcycle to the shop, told them not to drink, got a beer and broke up and returned home. The traffic police officers assigned to the Hanthawaddy circle were close friends. Motorcycle helmets turned him around, pretending he didn’t want to wear a motorcycle helmet.

When a newcomer arrives, he whips him and drives him away and then calls him a buddy and he orders him to sit behind him, drive him to the police officer, catch him, kick his driver’s hat and throw a ball like a footballer.The intelligence combined with the intelligence, no one was afraid to trouble him again.

The lantern traffic lights of the 90s were not nearly as high as these two people. They are straight.One day, he came to the motorbike and drove up the motorcycle on a glowing glove and stood up on the motorcycle and fired a Bossny spray with a red canister.

All of the red cars were made after the disaster when there was no tractor-trailer in the traffic light at the time: Ko Ko Gyi, no problem.

Intelligence momentum to go to the reservation to protect his painful path of the subscriber is now retired Gen been forced intrusion into the case when a new General takes up the great work and soon Chief Drive VIP route -out by the petitioners was then forced to sit down and then bus 929 in this period, from viruses General  turn car windows with a film I just.

Woo bamboo and run driving that piercingly cried Gen quite gone away very angry, I said, but her full force and do not catch the night with some intelligence officers  arrived and took her family where intelligence tells you. The world just released full-month investigation and disturbing.I didn’t know I was caught. History came to my friend: “I’m missing,” he said.