Drinking alcohol can prevent memory impairment, according to a study

It happened when we were young with age. Although they had forgotten to teach due to alcohol’s easy to forget to remember things about a flap helps learning Studies by another memory. Especially with the alcohol problem been prevented as much as possible. However, high alcohol consumption and authenticity there Consumption of alcohol results or promotes the memory damage.

Normally, the brain automatically memorizes what we see every day, even when we’re not learning, and what happened earlier in the day when people were drinking. Thinking about how you feel can improve your memory.

England Researchers at the University of Exeter conducted fieldwork visits to people who consumed alcohol at home, and found that the results of our study were good. This is not to say that you should drink. But drinkers want to show that they have more memory, says Celia Morgan, a research fellow.

Do you want to memorize more letters for the upcoming exams? If you drink a little alcohol regularly, it will increase memory capacity: Alcohol shortens memory and weakens memory, but it may improve memory if you drink a little. Although memory loss is low, taking a small amount of alcohol and stopping the study will help you remember what you have learned all day long in your brain.

The 88 students were divided into two groups; It facilitates the learning of learning experiences; One group did a study and had a drink. Another group did a study and did not drink alcohol. The following day, when the questionnaire was being reviewed, they found that the drinkers were more aware.

The hippocampus part of the brain is very important. “It’s linked to long-term memory and alcohol-related memory enhancement,” Morgan said, adding that not only in the study but also in visual memory studies, alcohol users are more aware of images. But researchers say that drinking too much can lead to stress, which can lead to depression and even more damage to memory and health.

If alcohol is properly administered, it may improve memory. It is best not to drink more than two alcoholic beverages or two at least twice a day, according to the study.