North Korean leader Kim Jong Un watches over a large-scale rocket launch test

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Thursday inspected the test, dubbed the “super-large multiple launch rocket system”, on Thursday, the North’s state-run KCNA news agency reported Friday.

Thursday’s Thanksgiving Day holiday unknown weapons and tossed Pyongyang, South Korean officials said. Weapons in defiance of the international community seriously ballistic missile were Japan’s Shinzo Abe said. North Korea has no right to launch such weapons UN Security Council is determined.

The launch test, which was launched from the truck, is the latest test of the system’s combat capabilities, with a focus on weaponry, weaponry, and weapons. KCNA reports that the military proved reliable and credible, and Kim was greatly satisfied.

The system was tested in September, but it was announced that some parts were still to be tested, the fourth test of the super-large system since August.

South Korean military officials say two North Korean missiles launched on Thursday were believed to have been fired from a massive rocket launch.South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff General Jeong Dong-jin said: “The actions of North Korea do not ease tensions on the Korean peninsula.”We express great regret and call for immediate action to escalate tensions,” he said.

“But the variety of ballistic missiles launched by North Korea is a huge threat to the international community,” Abe said.
The prime minister said Thursday that Japan held a national security meeting Thursday to monitor the situation and protect the security and property of the Japanese people. South Korea He said he had made close contact with the international community.