Researchers claim that getting a good night’s rest can extend your life

Normally, people believe that sleeping for eight hours every day is the worst. But according to one study, this is not the case at all – in fact, sleeping longer between the days of sleep and longer sleep periods during the day is an added bonus, and the study is designed to track sleep and mortality.

The study, which compiled a survey of 3,8015 people in the nation’s deadliest nation over the last 13 years, found that under 65 and above, 65% sleep between six and six o’clock.

Sometimes it may be difficult to get a long weekend in bed, but this research piece may give you a reason to think that sleeping longer on the weekends is a good way to prolong your sleep, especially for those who work long hours.

BrightSide strives to understand the benefits of long sleep on the weekends, and it’s better to sleep on the weekends, with just 5 hours of sleep under 65. Any day, 65% faster death than 6 hours of sleep a night, and long sleep in the day.

If you like sleeping under 65 mortality rate declined to FIG. 6 hours sleep longer than normal sleep holidays if in defiance of death. At least 8 hours of sleep is essential to change the legend that long. So you sleep better. It is not the answer. 8 hours or more, Spain 6 hours and a 25 percent higher death pay .

So, oppose sleeping at least eight hours a day, but not all searches are useful for people 65 and older, and the link between sleep and death rates is missing for them, as the first study suggests that older people already have time to get there.