Within 7 days, the work you thought would be done, let’s share in writing!

In seven days, it will become the work you thought it would be. Don’t ignore it at all, let’s do it from now on !!! If you just say om, the goddess of the whole universe has power. So share it within 30 seconds of what you see. In 7 days, it will become a work you didn’t think of. Don’t worry at all !! The other 3 senior pundits have guaranteed that it will be the next one. Also, don’t forget to like this page! ॐ किन ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ Also read: Why have people worshiped Shivling since ancient times? Why do they worship for what? People of other religions tell their little ones that Hindus worship linga. Not everyone has knowledge of Sanskrit.

Let’s know its meaning and avoid delusion: Ling means sign in Sanskrit. Shivalinga means symbol of Shiva. The male gender means the symbol of the male. Similarly, femininity means a symbol of womanhood. And Napusank Ling means the symbol of Napusank. After all, what is Shivalinga? It is called linga because it has zero, sky, infinity, universe and formless Supreme Being. In the Skanda Purana, the sky itself is said to be gender. The linga is the axis of the earth and the whole eternal universe revolving around the Shivalinga environment. Shivalinga means eternal. That is, it has no beginning and no end. Shivalinga does not mean linga or yoni. In fact, such interpretations have been made by the British to confuse them. We know that a word can have different meanings in different languages.

Therefore, the meaning of Shivalinga is sign, sign, quality, behavior or symbol. The earth is its back and base. Therefore, it is born from infinite zero, because of its rhythm, it is also addressed by gender and various other names, such as: light pillar / ling, fire pillar / ling, energy column / ling, etc. There are two things in the universe, energy and matter. If our body is made of matter, then the soul is energy. In the same way, Shiva is known as Shivalinga as a symbol of matter and Shakti energy. All the solid and energy present in the universe is contained in Shivalinga. In fact, Shivalinga is the shape of our universe. Why Shiva Ling is worshiped? Shiva, Shambhu, etc., and to be the deity of the end, he has no form, no form, no form.

Gradually, three different colored needles became visible on the skin that came out of the water. The red line was drawn towards the 12-digit dot. The blue and green needles came third at 6 o’clock. I could feel the needles touching the spot. I came out of the bathroom. What happened without thinking, I was afraid to tell anyone. “Should I go to the hospital to see what happened?” Again, there is nothing to burn with pain. I thought I would find out first. He came out of the room thinking. They floated towards Sanima’s house nearby. Sanima’s son was my age. He called Anter. ‘Where is AYUSH?’ ‘At home’ ‘I’m coming’ ‘OK’, he hung up the phone.

He looked at his unique watch. One of the two dams on the left and the other on the clock looked a little outside and the other a little inside. Moving his arm, he covered it and walked towards Baneshwor. The road at Baneshwor Chowk was as thick as ever. The girls who were going to college were talking loudly. The sound of traffic whistling in the middle of the chowk was even louder. Smoke, dust, noise, the atmosphere in the village is better than this. Compared to the village, a crowd of people were standing in the middle of the road. He moved his arm and looked at his watch. It was just as if he was pushing with his finger as if he was coming out, he was really pressed, he entered. With a sigh, the other side, which had been suppressed before, came out. The red needle that landed at 12 o’clock fell at 6 o’clock. The blue needle floated around 12. No movement was seen in the green needle. Raising his eyes from the movement of the skin, another strange thing happened. The crowd crossing the road around has disappeared! Look around, only the hills and the forest.

Those hillsides were nowhere else but the same old village that I had been remembering for some time. I could not understand how he came to the village from Baneshwor. He looked at his watch. The black circular shape of the watch was not black. Instead, red, blue, and green needles were clearly visible inside the bright white circle. Arrived at the place where the house was. Another strange thing happened. The place was the same but there was no sign of the house. After sitting for a while, we went to a distant market. All the houses in the market are the same. The movement is the same. Take out your mobile and look at the time. It was half past seven on the mobile. It was seven o’clock when I left the room in the morning. It must have been half past seven when we reached Baneshwor from there. It took a few minutes to cross the road, and I clearly remember reaching the village suddenly. Before reaching the market, I have been sitting at the place where the house should be for 10 minutes. But why only a quarter of a million on the mobile, Chang of mysteries was added one after another.

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