In the beginning, my sir did it

Baitadi. It is a matter of last November. Mother had gone to fetch hay that day. Ba had gone to Swar (Pithoragarh, India) to work. Just after returning from the temple and sitting alone at home, Khadak Sir came. Who taught me from class one to class eight. As I was preparing to go downstairs, he grabbed me.

There were no people around. He closed my mouth and began to undress. I could say something. Unexpectedly, she tried to shout loudly. But the mouth was closed. There was no sound. He returned with a sigh of relief. I felt like a hoax for a while. I couldn’t get up. There was a lot of pain. Mother came home in the evening but did not dare to talk about the afternoon. I sat quietly.

Then Khadak Sir said that to another Ram Sir. Another similar move was made by Ram Sir. These two made me feel bad. One day Khadak, one day when Ram came back from school, they would come together and do karni whenever they got a chance. Even in the village, these two are the mouthpieces. Mukhkhe is also known as a big man in the village.

I knew that I was being treated unfairly. But she could tell someone. There was a fear that if anyone found out, his own dignity would be lost. Ram and Khadak also said that if anyone said so, they would defame him. I never dared to speak out against a schoolteacher.

Keshab, who works in the ward office, found out about that. Maybe they should have said. I went to Deulek in Bajhang a month after I was first raped. While going to the toilet, Khadak also entered. He closed the toilet door and did the same. She could tell anyone that day.

I thought for many days that I would tell my mother at home. But she could say. I found out a few months later. The baby is sitting in the womb. Now I had only two options. Whether to leave the body or leave home. I kept thinking like this for many days. Eventually, she ran away with the boy from the neighboring village, as if to say, “It’s better to die than to die.” He already knew China. When he said yes, he ran to Phagun and went to his house.

No one knew she was pregnant. For a few months, everything went well. When a daughter was born in August. There was a commotion in the village. Because they had been married for only six months. A search was started at home to find out whose child it was. After that, they had to open their mouths about the teachers and ward office staff. Husbands who went to work in neighboring districts also returned home. At this point, she has no idea what to do or not to do.

Everyone in the village is talking about taking care of the child. The people of the ward and the village have said that they do not know where to go. One or two brothers from Maiti Patti had advised to go to the police.

I felt the same way. But the people of the village and all the people of the ward and village have said that they will reconcile. No matter what anyone says, I want those who put me in this situation to be punished.

But what can i do alone She has not gone anywhere outside the village. I don’t even know what to do. I wonder if those who do this to me today will not do the same to others tomorrow? It is learned that in the last five or six months, they have committed five or six other similar incidents. One will do it and the other will do it. I hear that others are proving women wrong by doing another thing.

There was nothing wrong with me. But at this time, I have reached a state of neither dying nor dying. She even imagined that the teacher, who was teaching up to eighth grade, would do so by wiping the sigan from her nose. Then the one who was born and raised would have done something.

No, they didn’t care. My mistake was that I could not say in time about the injustice done to me. Now I am hated not only by my parents but also by the society. If someone asks on the phone, they say yes, nothing is difficult. I have been saying the same thing on the phone to everyone who knows and understands the village. What should I do in such a situation? (This news courtesy of Mahendranagar Post is about the incident in Sigas village of Baitadi) Photo file

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