Motorcycle production has started in Nepal with an investment of Rs 1 billion

While presenting the government’s policy and program for the coming fiscal year 2077-78 BS in the joint sitting of the federal parliament, husband Bidyadevi Bhandari has pointed out the fact that there is a lack of employment in the country and notable Nepalis who have gone abroad are likely to return.

Targeting the unemployed, the government has announced a policy to make maximum use of entrepreneurship opportunities in agriculture, forest, herbal, etc. to revive lost employment, create new jobs and create self-employment. A plan has been put forward along with other schemes to provide initial capital to make skilled young women who have returned from employment abroad entrepreneurs in Nepal.

Food, food supplements, natural beauty products, medicines, herbs, ayurvedic and other daily livelihood products are being consumed locally to attract private sector investment in agriculture and forestry industry, which are currently given high priority by the government to attract private sector investment in agriculture and forestry. There will be a need for competent organizations to provide raw material conversion technology, skill-based training, product formulations and body-of-knowledge, experimental knowledge providers needed to go into self-employed entrepreneurship.

Why are the youth of our country insignificant compared to other countries? Large investment schemes opened with the help of donor agencies to open start-up companies and give a catalyst to those who have opened have turned into a place to earn a living and a place to eat peanuts after the transfer to the local level. Could only give almost zero return on investment? This question has never been raised in Nepal. On the contrary, we have tried. But what to do? There is no environment in Nepal. In a roundabout way, it was pointed out that the youths here have neither qualifications nor paper degrees towards entrepreneurship.

By reviewing the biographies of people who have succeeded in giving the best business out of the many businesses that have ever existed in the world and how they have been able to develop that great business, the essential skill of a successful businessman is to be familiar with one or more problems that exist in the society they are familiar with. It seems that their differences need to be awakened in their minds to solve the problem.

For example, let’s take a look at Henry Ford’s industrial journey to build the world’s largest walking machine, which we call the automobile. He was born in an ordinary farmer’s house. After studying, he became an engineer. He was hired by Edison Illuminating Company. As long as he worked on an agricultural farm, traveling by car was a matter of access only to the wealthy elite.

He had a strong desire to build a car that even a poor family like his father could buy and ride on it and to make it available to everyone to ride around in their spare time. The job of an attractive engineer did not satisfy him. Eventually, Ford Motor Company was born to solve his inner problem.

As the country expects non-resident Nepalis to achieve overall development and overcoming current problems, the best option to fulfill hope and trust would be to set up practical training centers in at least one self-employed training center in every province of Nepal as soon as possible. The daughter of a slave brought from Africa to South America Extreme childhood malnutrition during her upbringing and the stress of her daily routine after growing up caused her to have short and thinning hair. Believing it to be a hair-raising drug given to her by a rogue trader who trades in lucrative lies to make money, she became ugly by shedding fake hair that she did not know.

Trapped in an unfamiliar fake trader, she researched and developed her own hair tonic. She successfully treated her hair with a self-developed hair tonic. After seeing her newly grown hair, her acquaintances and even her friends started asking for the medicine. After going from house to house selling medicine, he later turned into a business.

By the time she died in 1919, she had become America’s first female millionaire. He is also known as C.J. Walker had become the richest African American businessman. In her time, she was a woman in a male-dominated society, the daughter of a backward class, the daughter of a well-to-do slave, with no formal education, no resources for business, and no university-educated industrial psychologist.

In the process of solving his inner problem, his own successful company was born and grew. Solved the immediate problem in the society. Contributed to making people’s lifestyle comfortable. As a result, she did not succeed. Keeping the reality of Nepal in mind, the current government aims to create self-employment. J. Walker had, that quality is enough.

Every Nepali youth in the cycle of employment and self-employment in Nepal

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