The father, who lost two sons

Kawasoti. Family members have also watched CCTV in the Nawalparasi incident. According to the father, he saw two brothers walking hand in hand. Vijay Babu Poudel, 26, of Gaindakot Municipality-2 of Nawalparasi and his brother Sangam Poudel, 21, were found dead on Wednesday evening. Daju Vijay was married only a month and a half ago.

The eldest son had gone into depression some time ago. His father said that he was also taking medication for depression. The father said that his son wanted to become a doctor but could not do so due to lack of money. He was also taken to Ranchi. The father says that his son has recovered in two months. But he was taking medicine.

When he was at home, he used to take the medicine only after asking for it. The father is skeptical about why and how his son went so far. The youngest son did not go out, the father says, and the eldest son was completely healed.

The father says that his eldest son’s love is married. That worry has been added to the family as the daughter-in-law has been married for less than two months. According to the father, the family was also informed about his son’s drug use. He said that he got married with the consent of his daughter-in-law and his family. Only six months ago, another body was recovered from the house. The grandfather of the two youths had died in June.

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