Never leave these 6 ‘limbs’ of a growing woman!

According to astrology, if any part of a woman’s body is large, it indicates many things. The scriptures mention which women are lucky to have big limbs. According to the scriptures, a woman who grows these body parts is considered to be lucky and good for marriage.

Therefore, astrologers suggest that men should accept such young women as their spouses, that is, women who have both arms should find great happiness and comfort in life as well as a good spouse. Women with long hair can achieve great success in life and keep the family happy and happy.

Women with long necks tend to be hardworking and financially prosperous. These women will have the opportunity to gain a lot of prestige in the society. Ears It is mentioned in the scriptures that women who have both ears of the body are long and very lucky.

Women with long legs are very lucky and can make a lot of money in life. Women with large or deep naito can also make a lot of money in life and achieve great success in life. Also read:

The first time I saw his message on Facebook, I was shocked. It was as if my heart stopped beating. My husband was not at home. Again, I felt like I was doing something wrong. I also looked around to see a message that came online, has anyone seen it? He laughed at himself and thought that there was no one in the house. He wrote in the message, “Hi, I want to be friends with you.” After reading the message, a faint smile appeared on his face. But, Sammah pretended not to be himself.

Why should I be interested when a message comes online from a stranger? As soon as my husband’s words came to my mind, it was like a stab in my heart. It was her frustration that even a ‘hi’ written by a stranger was tickling my mind. I may not have been able to reply to him, but I was so angry with him that I wrote ‘hi’. I don’t know how he can say that I am an air hostess.

I could tell him the truth, but at the same time I was having fun. I grew up listening to everyone say, ‘How beautiful you are.’ Milky complexion, big eyes, beautiful face and beautiful soul. But it was great for my family to marry me. The boy who came to see her for the first time was sent away. But that person doesn’t care about romance or my feelings. I used to think that after marriage my husband would look me in the eye, make me angry, give me a surprise, and at least make me a cup of tea if nothing happened.

But what I see is that man’s life is like a whole machine. Woke up in the morning, went to his office, came at ten o’clock at night, ate and slept. It’s not that I don’t know these things. But how much time does it take to love your wife, to look her in the eye and to say two words of love with a hug? Either my husband doesn’t have such feelings or he feels pushed by his own efforts. They do sex but not romance at all.

It’s been a year since we got married, but we still haven’t played. No matter how sweet I cook or keep the house tidy, not a word is said. If asked, they say no. I was so lost in these and similar things that the sky shook me again. He wanted to see my photo. The world of internet was new to me. He also opened Facebook. He also taught me to accept ‘friend request’. But I was afraid to post photos.

But the sky was restless to see me. For a few days I clung to him. Then I told her I was not an airhostess. I used to send photos but I didn’t have any photos. Akash was also married. He had a three-year-old son. He is also working in a multinational company. To keep coming and going abroad. There were many parties where it was very common for girls to eat churot. But for me it was a new kind of romance. His wife also works for a large company. He used to say that they could not give each other much time.

One day he said, ‘Today I am very sad. My wife refuses to talk to me because she is in a meeting. ‘I could understand her feelings. It was a pleasure to talk like that every day. This was all happening to me for the first time. One step is to talk as soon as possible after finishing work. One day he asked me to come to Vevakam. I was scared and went offline. I don’t think I have taken a bath today.

But now he insisted on seeing me anyway. I started to move away from him as to what to do. By the time he was online, I was offline. It went on like this for a few days and one day he got angry and blocked me. We didn’t have a relationship, but his absence added to the emptiness in my life. I started to get angry with myself for not working. If I could make money, I would be able to make my own decisions.

For some time after that, I didn’t talk to anyone, but every time I talked about the sky, I played with my heart. How quickly the day passed with him. I used to laugh alone without doing anything. In that sense, it is my husband who has benefited the most. He did nothing but my life

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