Locals’ agitation has been postponed by closing the road at Sunakothi in Lalitpur

Lalitpur: Locals of Sunakothi of Lalitpur Metropolitan City-27 have postponed their agitation. A discussion held on Saturday in the presence of the people’s representatives and the Sunakothi Road Struggle Committee including the ward chairpersons of wards 26 and 27 of Lalitpur Metropolitan City has decided to postpone the agitation saying that the festival is approaching.

The locals of Sunakothi have been protesting since December 3 saying that the contractor did not pave the road on time. However, the ward office has stated that the agitation has been postponed for the purpose of making the road users comfortable to travel. The ward office has issued a statement stating that it has decided not to close the road from Tuesday.

However, Baburaj Maharjan, chairman of ward no. The agitation program was started under the leadership of Sunakothi Road Struggle Committee saying that there was a serious problem in the daily life and health of the locals due to the long absence of blacktop on the road.

According to Rajan Maharjan, a local of Sunakothi, after a few days of pressure, the contractor has started the work by laying gravel on the road in Sunakothi area. The locals have been agitating time and time again after the contractor left the road unattended without constructing it.

Shailung Construction JV has been given the responsibility of Dholahiti-Sunakothi-Chapagaun road extension. Even after six years of the contract, the road has not been widened. An agreement has also been reached between the contractor company and the road department to widen the road from eight meters wide to 22 meters. According to the locals, the problem has arisen due to the negligence of the company’s proprietor Sharda Prasad Adhikari, who was also visiting the house of CPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda.

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