Nevisangha urges Kathmandu University to meet the demands of students

Nepal Students Association has urged Kathmandu University to fulfill the demands raised by the students. The students have protested saying that the information was taken out to collect the fee just like the regular reading during the Corona epidemic.

Students including Shailesh Mishra, Srijana Shrestha and Sadav Khan have been on a relay fast for the past few days. The Nevisangha Central Committee has urged the university to fulfill the demands raised by the students.

Nevisangha president Rajiv Dhungana issued a statement on Monday stating that the university should fulfill all the demands of the students. The Nevisangha says that the school is not allowed to collect fees from the students under various pretexts.

The Nevisangha has requested the university to reject the information regarding the payment of fees issued on September 8. “I would also like to warn that if they show indifference towards the legitimate demands of the students, they will be forced to join the Nevisangha Central Committee movement,” said a statement issued by Chairman Dhungana.

Nevisangha General Secretary Deepak Bhattarai said that students were also in crisis during the epidemic. “The university has become irresponsible during the epidemic,” he said, adding that “students’ demands must be met immediately.”

They urge students to pay only tuition fees. They also demand that the Corona Financial Assistance Scheme be made available to students who are really struggling. They have demanded the university to remove the fine for late payment for the Corona epidemic period.

The students said that they had to protest after the university issued a notice to charge for online classes in the same way as in normal classrooms.

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