To fulfill the dream of life, let’s walk heartily, let’s ride a bicycle

Navami’s day, October 25. The plan was to get up in the morning and go to the Maulakalika temple in the neighboring district of Nawalpur. I got up, took out my bicycle and turned on the lights. As he was about to reach Narayangarh, his friends called him and reached Fedi. I told them to go. I reached near Fedi in an instant. I don’t ride a bicycle up the stairs. So I cycled to the right of the hill and lost the west.

On the other side, a dirt road runs along the side of a small settlement through a drinking water tank. I thought so. The water came straight up the side of the tank. I got off my bicycle and started driving. Suddenly, there was a forest clearing for the transmission line. And the climb began.

It was hoped that at least half or a third would be able to ride a bicycle even if it was not completed. But the road has been cleared by the hurricane. There was no alternative to riding a bicycle or pushing it. The cloth was soaked with sweat. The arms clasped. It’s time for friends to reach the top. What to do only in panic!

On the way, they found a brother who was going to the forest to cut grass. Nowadays, the road to reach the top of the bicycle is a little far, going from the other side of the hill. Gossiping with him, I reached the top of the bicycle.

When I reached the temple and called, my friends returned after worshiping and reached the helipad. I called him upstairs. And the downhill journey of the three started towards the same path I came. The harder it is to slip uphill, the harder it is to lead downhill. After going down, my friends started their journey on a motorbike and on my bike.

Get home and eat. There were no patients in the hospital, no work. Then I went for a swim with three friends, one of whom even gave me a bicycle. You can swim for twelve months in the Dah, which grows on the Tikauli forest. When we reached there, green dahal was waiting for us. We swam for two hours straight.

The rest of the day after leaving was for cycling. Apart from me, there was only one bicycle but two friends wanted to go cycling. Hardly persuading one person to return on a motorbike, the two of us headed towards Kholesimal. We bought a kilo of apples, ate them, talked and cycled till evening. In the evening, every muscle in the body was hurting like a stick. So I slept by massaging my life with fenugreek oil. Tomorrow was the tenth vaccine. October 10, the day of vaccination.

This time, three of the brothers in the village died, so the vaccine was not given on the tenth. Two of them died of starvation. So the tenth was expected to be disappointing. But at 2 o’clock in the morning, the younger brother gave birth to a daughter. On top of that, her daughter-in-law had given birth to a safe baby just four days after she had conquered Kovid. The fears and anxieties of a week ago had now turned into happiness.

I woke up late in the morning due to lack of vaccine and disturbed sleep at night. From today, I have told everyone in the house that I will become a vegetarian. But his wife, who did not eat meat herself, tried to bring him meat in the morning after cooking the meat. I didn’t eat. She tried to calm down. Finally, she made a mess of me by sticking a spoonful of meat on her lips.

After eating, I slept again. I woke up late in the afternoon. We ate lemon juice. I spent the whole day relaxing. But the pain in the thigh and calf muscles was the same. The plan was to go to Upardangadhi by bicycle the next day. So there was no option to fix the leg. Again I massaged my body with oil and went to sleep before nine o’clock.

October 11, Ekadashi. Probably because of a quick and deep sleep, I woke up at six in the morning. The plan was to leave at eight o’clock. But when five friends joined, it was half past eight. We set out at nine o’clock, packing our bicycles and packing. My muscle pain did not increase but one level of pain continued.

Leaving the bypass road of Bharatpur, passing through Bhojad and Padampur, we lost towards Shaktikhor. Upardangadhi is a powerful base camp for climbers. It took us about two hours to reach there because of the steep road. I got tired. On top of that, a friend of mine fell asleep at five o’clock in the morning and got up at eight o’clock. Another friend ran 12 kilometers in the morning. Another friend had never cycled so far before.

Anyway, after sitting on the floor in front of a house in Shaktikhor and eating fruit, the five of us got up. Even for me it was a new and challenging journey. When one reached Upardangadhi at a height of 1,228 meters from Bharatpur at an altitude of 208 meters above sea level, a whole ‘vertical’ distance of one kilometer was crossed.

For the past nine years, I have never ridden a bicycle so steeply. On top of that, two days ago, it was difficult to take a bicycle to the Maulakalika temple at 561 meters. Fatigue was not dead.

I was confident that I would be able to go upstairs as the pain in my thighs and legs did not increase even in Shaktikhor. If the muscle pain is due to fatigue called ‘fatig’ in English, it can be relieved by pushing it to some extent depending on the morale. But the pain caused by the sudden loss of muscle mass due to heavy work can be fatal. Such pain often increases while working and there is no immediate treatment other than relief.

As soon as it started to rise, a friend and I fell a little ahead, the rest of the friends fell behind. After a while, the same friend was released. While waiting for my friend, I wasted about an hour and a half. While riding my bicycle, I still enjoy listening to music and pedaling alone. Remembering Pushkar Shah on the newly constructed unpaved road in Nagbeli, I kept pressing the pedal. But when it came to a road covered with rocks and gravel, there was no choice but to ride a bicycle downhill. Motorbikes, scooters and motorbikes have been built on this road

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