In less than a week, a blacktop road was uprooted in Dhangadhi sub-metropolis

The blacktop road in Kailali’s Dhangadhi sub-metropolis has started uprooting in less than a week. The blacktop of the 300-meter-long road connecting the main road in Ward No. 1 of the sub-metropolis has started uprooting.

Local Ram Singh Mahara said that the blacktop road was uprooted only a week ago. “Even when cut by hand, the black leaf peels off. Poor quality materials have been used,” he said.

He said that the pitch of the road was uprooted after the truck crashed. Local Parvati BK said that the pitch of the road started crumbling in less than a week as the sub-metropolitan government and the construction company did not pay attention to the quality of the road.

The road, which is being constructed at a cost of Rs 59.24 lakh, has started collapsing without being completed. The Bhairav ​​Construction Services Committee has been given the responsibility of constructing the road. The sub-metropolis has said that it is monitoring the construction of the road.

Deputy Metropolitan Spokesperson Santosh Mudbhari said that there were some weaknesses in the road and the construction company had to rectify the error. He said that if it is found that it has been constructed using inferior materials, it will be upgraded. Contractor Lokendra Shahi claimed that the construction materials were used as per the standards of the municipality.

He said that work is being done under the leadership of the technicians of the sub-municipality. He admitted that he had been working for only 4/5 days and the black leaf was fresh and he was uprooted while driving a big vehicle. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture.

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