In Bharatpur, after trying to get citizenship by making a fake father

The District Administration Office has brought 10 people, including the ward chairperson of Bharatpur Metropolitan City Ward No. 5, under the scope of action. The office is going to take action against the ward chairman Padampani Subedi for making him a fake father.

According to Acting Chief District Officer Netra Prasad Sharma, Swastika Malla of Ward No. 5 had tried to get citizenship. She had tried to get citizenship by making Indra Bahadur Malla her father and Mira Shah her mother.

While trying to get citizenship, Swastika, who is said to be a daughter, was born on September 20, 2008. However, the administration had started the investigation after getting the marriage registration of the parents on June 3, 2006.

The birth of daughter Swastika was found in 2070 BS. It is customary to give birth at any time after birth. Sharma said that the administration had conducted an investigation out of suspicion as the date of birth was seen before the date of marriage of the so-called parents.

Fake documents were found from them who had come to apply for citizenship on November 3 with the recommendation of the ward office. As soon as the documents were submitted, the office started investigation and took statements of six people including the ward chairperson and ward secretary. The statement of the other four is being taken, the office said.

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