The government will now open schools in places where there is no corona after the festival

The government has done its homework to open the school by strictly following the standards related to health security. Preparations have been made to open schools in areas where corona is not infected and where there is no risk of infection.

For this, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is formulating a framework on how to run the school. Spokesperson of the Ministry of Education Deepak Sharma said that the framework for opening the school has been finalized by Tihar.

The school is being opened in compliance with the standards of public health and safety, ‘Sharma told Setopati.

The ministry has also sought help from the local level to open schools. The school will be allowed to open only after looking at the environment after the local level identifies the risk of corona in consultation with experts.

Local levels need to analyze the corona risk situation in their area. If it is risk-free, then schools will be opened in those places, ‘he said.’ It depends on the local level and the corona situation in each school.

The government has done its homework to open schools in places where there is no risk of corona after Chhath. The framework to be formulated by the Ministry will also include some criteria on how to open a school and run the study in a risk-free manner.

“Depending on the number of students and the geographical location of the school, classes can be taught alternately,” he said. He said that the school can prepare for the opening of the school based on its condition.

Do students walk to school or drive? Looking at all these aspects, schools can be opened safely, ‘he said,’ so that the local level and schools can plan how to open schools safely in risk-free areas according to their environment. However, he said that the physical distance should be maintained even after the opening of the school and teachers and students should wear mandatory masks.

The government has continued teaching and learning activities through alternative means since July 20. Students are reading online and other media. But there are also complaints that it has not been effective. Meanwhile, the government has indicated that it may continue this academic session for some time after the new year.

“We can’t say right now what the academic session will be like,” says Sharma. As 35,000 schools across the country are not the same, the risks of epidemics including teaching and learning are different.

The government is also preparing to clean the isolation center and quarantine schools and make them safe for teaching. He also said that the school will be allowed to open only after the experts and stakeholders say about the corona infection situation.

The government has not opened a school since last April. The academic session has been moved forward by reading online and other methods. Curriculum synthesis is being done at school level.

The Ministry of Education had started formulating a framework in this regard after the last time the Council of Ministers said on September 8 that classes could be run by implementing health safety standards at the local level without corona risk.

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